Engine oils used in all the internal combustion engine are being polluted by toxic substances, carbon particles and metal particles while they are cooling and lubricating the engines when it is running. If the engines run for long time while the hazardous remnants are being accumulated, it is very likely that the fatal failure can happen to the crank axle and the cylinder leading to the accident. That's why we need oil filters which can filter all the hazardous elements.,and the quality oil filters which can best keep the engine in a good condition at all times as well as increase the mileage.

Sampiyon filters enhances engine performance and efficiency. Lubricates the engine's moving parts. Increases your engine life with maximum performance.



  • Repace oil filter every 50-100 hours of engine operation or once per year, whichever occurs first.
  • More frequent filter changes will extend your engine life.
  • Coat filter gasket and mounting surface with clean motor oil.
  • Tighten filter securely by hand.
  • Check for oil leaks immediately after starting engine


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